Convert Your Quotes Into Orders Easily on ADI’s Digital Branch

ADI Global Distribution

On August 13th In ADI Corporate Messages

ADI makes it easy to find the regular and project quotes that you have requested from our Project Registration team on our Digital Branches. To make your shopping experience even more convenient, we have also made it easy to add the products from a quote right into your shopping cart and complete the purchase quickly and easily.

After requesting a quote from your local branch or our Project Registration team, quotes will be available within 24 hours through your online account on the Digital Branch.

To see quotes, log in with your username and password and go to Quotes in your account menu. Your quote will appear in the History section. Click on the Quote number to see details, such as quantities, product names and prices for each. For some quotes, you may be able to change the quantity of each item by typing in the desired number.

Once you’re ready to checkout with the items listed in your quote, click Accept Quote & Checkout at the bottom of the page. Please note that you will not be able to checkout with any additional items in your cart at the time of this purchase. On the checkout page, choose the Delivery Method, payment method, and click Place Order.

Try it now on our Digital Branches in the US: and Canada: