High Power PoE Applications

Joe Loucks

On October 24th In Power
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One of the attractive features of using IP devices for physical security systems is the ability to provide the power to a remote device over the same Cat5e/Cat6 UTP, coax, or twisted copper pair cabling that is used for the Ethernet signaling. By using devices that are compliant with the Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards, […]

Security Begins – and Potentially Ends – with Power

Stu Tisdale

On April 8th In Intrusion,Power

What Can Go Wrong with Power? Outright power failure is often what comes to mind first when power problems are discussed, but a host of other, less discussed problems such as brownouts (small dips in power), spikes (large increases in voltage), and surges (sustained over voltages) can also spell disaster for a security system. Moreover, […]

PoE Calculations and Switch/Injector Limitations – Part One

Kavita Boodram

On December 4th In IP Solutions,Power 1 Comment

One of the great advantages of using IP-enabled physical security devices is the common availability of PoE or Power over Ethernet. This technology can provide all the power necessary to operate IP cameras, intercoms, access control panels, video encoders, and other device types that can be connected to a local network. The power for the […]