Guest Post: Locking Solutions for the Connected Home

Bryan Lieberman

On June 4th In Access
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There has never been a more exciting time in the security industry for the connected home. Before a few years ago, access control and home automation meant tens of thousands of dollars in investment and hours of running wires. With the advent of Z-Wave wireless solutions, security dealers can now offer higher levels of functionality, [...]

Wireless Access Control

Evan Tree

On February 4th In Access 2 Comments
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Niche applications where running a wire is simply too costly, labor intensive, or not possible have been the early driving force for wireless access control solutions. The vast majorities of these wireless solutions were developed to solve a particular problem and continue to be used as an add-on to existing wired access control platforms. This [...]

Access Control and K-12 School Security

Daniela Cardazzi

On July 22nd In Access 1 Comment
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School security is at the top of everyone’s minds. Each school is unique and there’s no “one size fits all” security solution, but a secure facility should: Control and monitor access to the campus perimeter and each building, using either traditional locking solutions or with access control technology Quickly secure classrooms from the inside or [...]

Discover New Opportunities in Educational Life Safety Systems

David Motz

On October 8th In Access,Fire,IP Solutions,Video Surveillance
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The safety of students and staff in all types of educational environments from pre-school to universities has become a primary issue for school boards and educational entities. Recent events across the country over the past couple of years have focused attention on the need to protect students not only with traditional fire alarm systems but [...]

ADI Blog is Now Open for Comments

Andy Morra

On August 15th In Access,ADI Corporate Messages 2 Comments
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The ADI Blog has officially launched and I want to personally thank you for subscribing. We truly hope that you will find it to be a valuable resource and a great forum to discuss industry trends, review the latest technologies, and to share tips and trade information. Over the coming months you’ll hear from a [...]