ADI’s Systems Support Team is in Your Corner

John Sullivan

On April 16th In ADI Corporate Messages

Today’s system installation industry is filled with new technologies, services and installation methods that ADI dealers can use to efficiently sell and install systems for their clients. It can be very difficult for installation salespeople and technicians to stay up-to-date on all of the new stuff that’s available while working in the field.

Just as a boxer has people in his corner to provide advice during a match, ADI’s Systems Support Group is in your corner ready to provide comprehensive technical expertise to help you prepare for your next installation. With locations in Louisville, KY, Montreal, QC  and Vancouver, BC, there are more than 30 highly trained Systems Support Specialists ready and available to assist you every day.    

Each specialist is designated to a specific product category, and they are thoroughly trained to become industry experts for their product category. With dedicated training labs in each facility for live-equipment and hands-on demos, these specialists participate in training sessions at least twice a week. High-end A/V, IP networking and surveillance systems, and other complete and functional systems are used by the Systems Specialists to familiarize themselves with the real-world applications, installation, and programming of the current and cutting-edge technologies in use in the systems installation business. Collectively, this group holds a wide variety of industry and product specific certifications.   

With all the new products hitting the marketplace, it would be impossible for installers to stay informed on all the available options in devices and systems. The mission of the ADI Systems Support group is to provide ADI dealers with a live-person reference library that can answer all your questions on the products and systems provided by ADI.

Along with expert advice, the ADI Systems Specialists can provide detailed parts lists and costs to assist dealers and salespeople in putting together proposals. This group provides over 500 price quotes daily, and those quotes can be used to easily order through ADI’s website, or from your local ADI branch.

Our commitment to dealers is reflected in our ongoing investment in making the best knowledge available through ADI. The Systems Support Group has been in operation since the mid-1990’s, and fields more than 1,100 calls per day.  

With a combined industry experience of over 600 years, the ADI Systems Group is your best source for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the products and systems to help you sell systems and grow your business. This extremely valuable knowledge service is available at no cost to all ADI dealers. 

When you’ve got a question, the ADI Systems Group has the answer. Click here to learn more, or call them now in the US at 1.800.234.7971, and in Canada at 1.877.797.4226.