Contributor: Serge Lombardi

Serge Lombardi

Serge Lombardi
Senior Product Manager, Intrusion & Z-Wave
ADI Americas

Serge Lombardi is the Senior Product Manager for the US Intrusion & Z-Wave category at ADI. In this role he is responsible for leading all product management and marketing initiatives for these product categories. Serge is focused on strategy, driving growth and creating new opportunities for ADI’s dealers and vendor partners.

Before joining ADI, he served as an Exclusive Brand Project Manager at MSC Industrial Direct where he was focused on exclusive brand product lines including Hand Tools, Material Handling & Storage, and HVAC & Electrical. Serge has also previously held a variety of marketing and business development roles at RGI Inc. and the United Pet Group. Serge earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Lehigh University – College of Business and Economics.


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